Coptic Documents: From Edition to Exploitation (following)

Anne Boud’hors

Alain Delattre

Esther Garel

For the past fifteen years, the editing of Coptic documentary texts has been stimulated, improved and enriched by the organization of international summer schools, in connection with little known or poorly exploited collections. These summer schools aim to train students in edition techniques and their results are published each time in a collective volume. They also aim to familiarize the participants with the use of digital tools and the encoding of Coptic texts in papyrological databases. Finally, they allow the teaching team, whose core is stable from one event to another, to define and discuss questions to be addressed in Coptic papyrology, in connection with documentary practices. For the 6th summer university (Paris, Institut de papyrologie de la Sorbonne, July 2018), Scripta’s support was crucial. The aim of this new project, led by Anne Boud’hors (CNRS / IRHT), Alain Delattre (ULB / EPHE) and Esther Garel (University of Strasbourg) is to organize the 7th summer university of Coptic papyrology around the rich collection of the Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire of Strasbourg, in connection with the University of Strasbourg. This event will bring together about twenty students and ten speakers from July 4 to 11, 2021, and will have as main objective the production of a new volume of editions. Paleography, regional and dialectal variations in documentary practices and perspectives in museum archeology will be at the heart of the issues examined.



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