Birth and “renaissance” of written culture in the Mediterranean between the 6th and thr 9th c. : contacts, exchanges, constrasts

Touati Houari et Ronconi Filippo


The projet consists in the organization of an international symposium (autumn 2018) and in the pulication of 10 entries in the Encyclopedia of Mediterranean Humanism. It is the second step of a three-phase research program, the first step having come to conclusion in 2017. The present project  focuses  on the written heritage, analyzed on  the basis of  five key-notions  (document, book, archives, collection and library).  These notions  will be conceived  as tools for focusing on cultural interactions among the civilizations  speaking Byzantine Greek,  Latin, Arabic and Syriac languages,  and sharing the Mediterranean space.

The chosen approach  will be based on the study  of (a) scribal pratices (from the paleographic  and codilogical point of view) ; (b) the methods of producing and performing texts (génétique des tgextes and reading practices) and (c)  the way books  are preserved and transmitted  (history of archives,  collections and library).

The goal will be to identify of both convergence  and divergence  between  these civilizations,  considered as components  of a common field of interconnected cultural forces.

The analysis will be focused  on the period between the 6th and 9th  centuries.  The specialities concerned will be paleography, papyrology, codicology and diplomatics.

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