“Polygraphism: The Coexistence and Interference of Scripts”


4th seminar of the Transversal Research Group in Palaeography – GRTP

Friday, April 6, 2018, College de France.


“Polygraphism: The Coexistence and Interference of Scripts”


The equivalent of multilingualism in writing, individual polygraphism is a frequent phenomenon in societies of all periods where different scripts coexist, often – but not always – for writing different languages. In addition to methodological problems (how can one identify an individual writing heterogeneous scripts?), scholars from different fields will discuss the contexts and processes that lead writers to use multiple scripts, as well as instances of the interaction or interference that often occurs between those scripts.




  • “Greco-demotic Biliteracy”, Pierre-Luc Angles (EPHE, PSL-University of Heidelberg),
  • “Coptic-Greek Biscriptality and Language Policy in Early Islamic Egypt”, Jennifer Cromwell (University of Copenhagen)
  • “Scripts in Contact in Mesopotamia”, Michaël Guichard (EPHE, PSL)
  • “Digraphism and Bilingualism in Syriac Manuscripts: Syriac-Greek and Syriac-Arabic”, Margherita Farina (UMR 8167, CNRS)
  • “At the Paleographical Crossroads: The Digraphism of Jewish Scribes and Its Role in Changing the Hebrew Script”, Judith Olszowy-Schlanger (EPHE, PSL)
  • “Elite Writing in Chinese and Demotic Writing in the Village: The Case of Viet Nam”, Philippe Papin (EPHE, PSL)
  • “Caroline Minuscule vs Vernacular Minuscule in Eleventh-Century England”, Peter Stokes (EPHE, PSL)
  • “Languages ​​and Scripts in Early-Modern Europe”, Marc Smith (ENC, EPHE, PSL)


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