Ricciardetto Antonio

Postdoctoral researcher, Collège de France

Research project: “From literary text to document: the scribal practices of the Greek medical writings of Roman and Byzantine eras found at Oxyrhynchus”

Ronconi Filippo

Associate professor of Writing and society in Byzantium, EHESS

Co-coordinator of research theme D “Ancient and modern documentary Practices”; project: “Birth and ‘rebirth’ of written Culture in the Mediterranean in the 6th-9th centuries: contacts, exchanges, contrast”; substitute member of the Steering board

Saliou Catherine


Professor of the History of the city in the Late Roman East, EPHE

Co-Animator of the seminar “Exposed Writing” (2016-…)

Schlanger Judith

Professor of Hebrew and medieval Judeo-Arabic manuscript studies, EPHE

Transversal Research Group in Paleography

Schmid Charlotte


Professor of the Archeology of the Indian world, EFEO

Co-coordinator of research theme E “The transmission of the written word – building Canons”; member of the executive board and the Steering committee

Smith Marc

Professor of Paleography, ENC; Professor of Latin paleography, EPHE

Co-coordinator of research theme F “Challenges for scientific digital Editing”; co-cordinator of the seminar “Exposed writing” (2016-…); Transversal Research Group in Paleography; member of the Steering committee

Soutif Dominique


Associate professor, EFEO; director of the Siem Reap Center, Cambodia

Project: “Corpus of Khmer inscriptions”

Stauder Andréas

Former director of the Scripta programme

Professor of Egyptian linguistics and philology, EPHE