Camps Jean-Baptiste

Teaching manager of the Digital Humanities Master’s programme, ENC

Project: “Tools and methods for enriched linguistic editions of ancient and medieval texts”

Casati Roberto

Research’s Director, EHESS

Project : “The AtWork Notebook”


Conticello Giuseppo


Researcher, IRHT, CNRS

Project: “Glossae-R: Glosses, strings and commentaries of the Latin Bible in networks (Ordinary Glose, Catena aurea, etc)”

Coulon Laurent

Professor of Egyptian religion, EPHE

Project: “Digital epigraphy for hieroglyphic inscriptions: the corpus of priestly inscriptions from the Karnak Cachette”

Daccache Jimmy

Senior Lector I,  University of Yale, USA

Project : “E-twoto – Digital Paleography of Syriac Inscriptions”

Debiais Vincent

Researcher, CNRS

Project: “Networks of inscriptions and epigraphic programs in the Medieval West”

Debié Muriel

Professor of Oriental Christianisty, EPHE

Co-coordinator of research theme E “The transmission of the written word – building Canons”; member of the Steering committee.

Project : “XIII Symposium Syriacum and 10th internatioanl conference of Arab Christian Studies”

Delattre Alain

Professor of Coptic language and documentary sources, EPHE

Project: “Coptic documents: from editing to exploiting”

Deléage Pierre

Researcher, CNRS

Project: “Semiotic and diffusion of an Amerindian bounded system”