Lafrate Allegra

Postdoctoral researcher, EPHE

Project: “Untangling ‘Solomonic script’ : Pseudo-script and magical characters in Medieval and Modern Europe”

Lanselle Rainier

Professor of History and philology of Classical China, EPHE

Coordination of the seminar “Diglossia, intralingual translation, rewriting, commentary” (2016- …); Project: “Intralingual translation, diglossia and the rise of vernaculars in classical and pre-modern cultures in East Asia”

Lejars Thierry

Senior researcher, CNRS

Project: “Scripta Manent”

Leroux Virgine

Professor of Neo-Latine language and literature, EPHE

Project: “The monumentalized page: Manuscript, print and epigraphy during the Renaissance – Italy, France, Spain and Holy Roman Empire (1480-1550)”

Lippert Sandra

Research Director, CNRS

Project : “Writing on pot sherds II – continued study of the ostraca from the temple of Hut-Repit in Upper Egypt”