Behar Roland

Associate professor of Hispanic literature, ENS

Project: “The monumentalized page: Manuscript, print and epigraphy during the Renaissance – Italy, France, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire (1480-1550)”

Boud'hors Anne

Senior researcher, IRHT, CNRS

Project: “Copting documents: from editing to exploiting”

Bougard François

Senior researcher, IRHT, CNRS

Co-coordinator of research theme F “Challenges for the scientific digital editing”; member of the Steering committee

Brelaud Simon

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Tübingen, Germany

Project : “E-twoto – Digital Paleography of Syriac Inscriptions”

Bruneau Laurianne

Associate Professor, EPHE

Project: “Epigraphic and petroglyphic landscapes: open air galleries of the Upper Indus region in northern Pakistan and India”

Bui Marc

Professor of Computer sciences and artificial cognition, EPHE

Pool for digital and computational humanities

Bustarret Claire


Researcher, CNRS

Project: “Using playing cards as a writing device in the XVIIIth century”