Multipal is a multi-script palaeography tutorial, built for users who wish to learn how to read manuscripts and inscriptions belonging to different languages ​​and different writing systems (Latin, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, etc.). Through online exercises, based on quality photographic reproductions of documents, users are introduced to a wide array of sources (steles, coins, manuscripts, ostraca, etc.) and writing styles (cursive, formal, etc.). The tool is aimed at a wide audience interested in such ancient forms of writing, but also more specifically to new EPHE students wishing to actively prepare for participation in research seminars based on the reading of original sources.

The Multipal project is supported by the EPHE, the École Nationale des Chartes and the Collège de France. Initiated by the Transversal Research Group in Palaeography (GRTP), it is part of the IRIS programme “Scripta-PSL”, and has received support from PSLs SPIF programme.