Executive board


Ivan Guermeur, director

Philip Huyse

Charlotte Schmid




Steering Committee

Ivan Guermeur, director

co-leader of theme A “Writing and Languages”



Muriel Debié,

co-leader of theme E “The Transmission of the Written Word–Building Canons”



Charlotte Schmid,

co-leader of theme E “The Transmission of the Written Word–Building Canons”

(alternate: Valérie Gillet)



Valérie Theis,

co-leader of theme B “ ‘Pages’ – visual fields for reading”

(alternate: Isabelle Pantin, co-leader of theme B)



Marc Smith,

co-leader of theme F “Challenges for Digital Scholarly Edition”



Béatrice Fraenkel,

leader of theme C “Exposed Writing – Writing in Space”

(alternate: Filippo Ronconi, co-leader of theme D “Pratices of Documentary Writing”)


Collège de France  

Jean-Luc Fournet,

co-leader of theme D, “Pratices of Documentary Writing”



François Bougard,

co-leader of theme F “Challenges for Digital Scholarly Edition”

(alternate: Martin Morard)



Philip Huyse,

co-leader of theme A “Writing and Languages”


Digital humanities  

Daniel Stoekl Ben Ezra

(alternate: Peter Stokes)


PSL representative       

Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk





International Scientific Advisory Board


Roger S. Bagnall (New York University)

Greek papyrology.

Founder and director of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW) at New York University; co-founder of the consortium that created te Advanced Papyrological Information Systems.


Michael Friedrich (Universität Hamburg)

History of ancient Chinese buddhism and intellectual history of ancient China.

Director of the Exzellenzcluster “Schriftartefakte verstehen: Material, Interaktion und Transmission in Manuskriptkulturen” (formerly SFB 950  “Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures”; Hamburg, DFG); founding member and former director of the European Association for the Study of Chinese Manuscripts (EASCM)


Hans-Joachim Gehrke (Universität Freiburg)

Classical archeology and ancient history.

Member of the Scientific Board of the consortium “Materielle Textkulturen” (Heidelberg‑; SFB 933 of the DFG); former director of the Deutsche Archäologisches Institut (DAI)


Sachiko Kusukawa (University of Cambridge)

History of sciences, intellectual history and history of the book, particularly in early Modern times


Marilena Maniaci (Università degli studi di Cassino)

Codicology, history of materials and techniques of the Greek and Latin manuscript  book.

Director of the Association Paléographique Internationale, Culture Écriture Societé (APICES) ; coordinator of the Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies project (COMSt ; ESF)


Dirk Meyer (Oxford University)

Intellectual history of ancient China and manuscript studies.

Director of thhe Center for Manuscript and Text Cultures (CMTC, Oxford)


Claudine Moulin (Universität Trier)

Linguistics, philology and Middle High German manuscript stuides.

Director of DHD (Digital Humanities Deutschland) and the Trier Centre for Digital Humanities.


Richard Salomon (University of Washington)

Ancient Indian buddhism.


Christopher Woods (University of Chicago, the Oriental Institute)

Sumerology and history of writing systems

Director of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago