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The IRIS program “ Scripta-PSL. The History and Practices of writing ”

Our time is witnessing profound changes in written culture, caused by the digital revolution and by the globalisation of writing. The practices of writing, its materiality, production, circulation and effects, are all mutating. All these dimensions thus deserve to be studied in historical perspective, from the earliest literate civilisations and over a wide geographical area, from the worlds of the Far East to those of the Mediterranean. The rapidly developing digital universe is also opening up new prospects for the scientific study of the written word, particularly in the past.



Symposium “« Les bibliothèques en Méditerranée mediévale », 4-5th April 2019

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Published on 16 April 2019

This symposium is conceived in order to make researchers from...

Second call for postdoctoral project of IRIS Scripta

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Published on 6 April 2019

This call for project is now closed....


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The following lists the ancient or rare languages and scripts that are taught and researched at PSL.